Demetris Kletou

Marine Biologist / Ecologist

Demetris Kletou


BSc Biological Sciences (major Marine Biology), Florida Atlantic University, USA 2002-2005

MSc Master of Science (Marine Biology/Ecology), Florida Atlantic University, USA 2005-2007

Part-time PhD student (Marine Biology/Ecology), University of Plymouth, UK 2011-present


Demetris grew up at coastal Limassol and had a close relationship with the sea since youth. As a freediver he was intrigued by the beauty of the underwater, species interactions and ecosystem functioning; he took on a journey to study his passion. He received his BSc and MSc (thesis option) in Marine Biology at Florida Atlantic University (FAU Biological Department), carrying out his thesis across a P gradient in Florida Bay investigating seasonal concentrations of P fractions and enzyme activities of water column elements (phytoplankton, bacteria and freely dissolved) and the dominant benthic seagrass species. In 2008 after a few months upon his return to the island of Cyprus he founded MER and since then he operates as the Director and Scientific Coordinator, leads the field expeditions, composes reports and research proposals and acts as MER’s principle researcher. Since 2011, he is a part-time PhD candidate at the University of Plymouth (Faculty of Science and Environment) where he investigates the anthropogenic impacts to marine oligotrophic ecosystems. His research is conducted at Cyprus and is funded by MER.

Over the years he has implemented numerous marine environmental impact assessment studies, nearshore baseline surveys and research projects. He acted as the scientific coordinator of the research program ΟΙΚΑΠΑΒ and the Cypriot principle investigator of the European FP7 IDREEM research program. He is now the scientific coordinator of the LIFE + Project titled RELIONMED and aiming to combat the lionfish invasion in the Mediterranean.

His area of expertise includes the analysis and monitoring of biotic and abiotic components of marine ecosystems, assessment of human impacts and mitigation measures. His primary research interests are the sustainable development of aquaculture, assessment and mitigation of anthropogenic activities at coastal areas, alien species and climate change impacts, conservation of biodiversity and sustainability/restoration of priority marine habitats and protected species.


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