George Pavlides

Freediving and First Aid Instructor / Underwater Filming

George Pavlides



George was born in 1965 and is a legendary freediver and underwater cameraman from Cyprus. He started diving since his mid-twenties and has >25 years of daily contact with the sea. Since 1997 he has been acting as an editorialist for Greek dive monthly magazines. George started underwater filming in 2001, recording hundreds of hours of underwater footage from coastal Cyprus and producing video clips and recently a cinema movie. In 2007, he turned his hobby into a profession by opening his own store named 'Blueinstinct Underwater Act', a store specialized in freediving and spearfishing equipment. In 2008 and 2009 he became a certified freediver instructor with the FDI institute and CMAS institute, respectively. He is also a certified first aid instructor by EFAW.

He is now directing a free diving and first aid school 'Pavlides Education Centre of Freediving and First Aid' composed of six freediver instructors, two first aid instructors and two lifeguard instructors. Over a thousand students have so far attended courses offered by his school.

George willingly shares his resources and underwater footage with MER to assist our efforts to environmentally educate the public and to create an online media species database.

In addition, George with his overwhelming experience provides support in terms of first aid and safety during high risk field operations and deep diving.


Contact at

+357 99489414