Charalampos Antoniou

Environmental Science

 Charalampos Antoniou


BSc (Hons) Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom (2011-2014).


Charalampos is a passionate Environmental Scientist always looking for an excuse to be underwater. He is fascinated by the marine environment and everything in it, he spends most of his free time exploring the depths of the sea either freediving or scuba diving, whilst trying to understand the niches of marine organisms. He is a highly capable diver and has an exceptional capacity holding his breath underwater.


Since his graduation from the University of Birmingham in 2014, he has worked as an independent contractor for the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research of Cyprus as a regional observer for longline fishing vessels reporting for ICCAT any infringements during fishing practices as well as gathering scientific data and keeping catch records of each fishing vessel. He also participated in an ICCAT regional observer program for caging bluefin tunas reporting any infringements during the transfer of live bluefins from open waters to fish farms in Malta.




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