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    Marine & Environmental Research (MER) Lab Ltd is an environmental consulting SME formed in 2008, based in Cyprus and operating in Eastern Mediterranean. MER specializes in the marine environment. We conduct research, environmental monitoring, impact assessments and offer high quality and flexible consulting services mainly but not restricted to the sectors of marine ecology, aquaculture, and fisheries at Cyprus and abroad.


    MER Lab is equipped with advanced infrastructure/equipment and required expertise to analyse marine biotic and abiotic parameters essential in marine environmental monitoring and research. 


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On-going Projects


    Preventing a LIONfish invasion in the MEDiterranean through early response and targeted REmoval (RELIONMED) (LIFE+ Nature and Biodiversity 2016) (2017 - On-going)

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  • Monitoring Non-Indigenous Species

    Baseline survey and monitoring of Non-Indigenous Species (NIS) in two Marine Protected Areas (MPAs - Natura 2000) (Tender # 26/2016, DFMR) (2017 – On-going)

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  • Halophila stipulacea Monitoring

    Differences in morphological, physiological and genetic traits  between native and invasive populations of Halophila stipulacea

    (COST Action CA15121 - MarCons) (2017 - On-going)

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Latest Video Compilation

  • Final Trailer of IDREEM Project

    IDREEM (Increasing Industrial Resource Efficiency in European Mariculture) is a European research project launched in 2012 and lasted four years with the aim to protect the long-term sustainability of European aquaculture by developing and demonstrating a new innovative production technology, Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture or IMTA.