Pelagics of Cyprus

Collection of pelagic fisheries data in accordance with the Regulation 199/2008 (Tender # 03/2014, DFMR) (2014 - On-going)

Thunnus alalunga

Duration:                ca 3 years (April 2014 - January 2017),

Funded by:             Department of Fisheries and Marine Research (European Maritime and Fisheries Fund and the Republic of Cyprus)

Project partners:   

                               Marine & Environmental Research (MER) Lab Ltd, Cyprus

                               Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.Th.), Department of Biology, Greece

                               El Instituto Espanol de Oceanografia (IEO), Spain

Project Description:

MER Lab Ltd and A.U.Th., have been assigned by the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research (DFMR) of Cyprus, (after tender competition), the implementation of the public tender 03/2014 “Collection of pelagic fishery data in accordance with the Regulation 199/2008”.

Dr Konstantinos Ganias of the Ichthyology Laboratory, Department of Biology of A.U.Th. will coordinate the Project and carry out histological and statistical analysis of the large pelagic fish.

Dr Victoria Ortiz de Zarate of IEO, will be responsible for the age determination of 35 individuals Thunnus alalunga collected in 2014 by reading the first spine of the dorsal fin.

MER's team will collect biological fisheries data from: (i) boats during their regular commercial activities, and (ii) from fisheries repacking units. During samplings the following will be carried out:

  • Information will be recorded on sampling, vessels and hauls characteristics
  • Total weight of catches (including discarded species)
  • Biometric measurements of species caught and discarded (Length, Weight)
  • Sex and maturity (Gonad sub-samples will be collected for histological analysis)
  • Collection of first spine of the dorsal fin of Thunnus alalunga for age determination

Furthermore, MER will carry out all the statistical analyses of the pelagic fish (the data will be verified by Dr. Ganias) and will prepare the annual reports to be delivered to the National Authorities.

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